Prince Charles declared himself thrilled to be back in India supporting the Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust and Global Entrepreneurship Week as he addressed the gathering at the BYST-organised ‘Ecopren

The following guest post gives an insight in to a maturing policy environment in Brazil, even as campaign season gets underway.

HRH the Prince of Wales announced the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week India.

The E2 (Entrepreneur’s Exhibition) is a two-day event in London designed to engage with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and businesses at all stages of development.

This month saw 20 members of GEW’s European host organisations join forces in London for the European Entrepreneurship Convention.

Young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka (YESL) — the country’s host for Global Entrepreneurship Week — was recently

This just in from our Host in Israel: 

PM Netanyahu to Award Prizes for Initiatives and Innovation

The following update offers a glimpse at a couple of events planned for Global Entrepreneurship Week / Sweden.

David Heineimeier Hansson, a young entrepreneur from Denmark behind Ruby on Rails and 37signals, suggests that the most important thing an entrepreneur can do is “make a dent in th